Consulting Services


Federal Compliance:



Consulting and instruction related to TTB audits, Wine Bonds (obtain, examine, change), physical inventory reporting,  product integrity, labeling and advertising, changes in ownership, winery acquisitions or transfers, changes in location, expansion/curtailment of bonded premises, changes in operations. adding new alternating proprietors.

State Compliance:

ABC: Licensing, training, and consulting related to licensing strategies, winery acquisitions, tiedhouse restrictions, licensed premises diagram expansions and updates, changes in ownership, changes in location, tasting room compliance.

BOE: Consulting and instruction on CA Winegrower (Excise) Tax and Sales & Use Tax Returns, CA miscellaneous tax account updates/changes, resale certificates.

CDFA: Requirements for processors & brokers, reporting changes to licenses or agents, weighmaster requirements and instructional resources.

Out of State Licensing & Reporting


Licensing strategies and timelines (three-tier and direct-to-consumer), franchise laws related to suppliers, 3rd party shipping compliance.